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While this is usually the most wonderful time of year for getting outside and traveling the countryside, that may not be possible or even desirable for summer 2020 as the novel coronavirus outbreak continues.

Yet one of the coziest ways to satisfy wanderlust is perfect for these extra days close to 凯发k8地址home: travel memoir. The only thing better than traveling the world firsthand is doing so with a great book and a vivid imagination, perhaps with a cup of tea by your side.

If you are headed out this summer, here’s how to camp safely during the pandemic and what you need to know about your favorite destinations around the country.

Until your personal travel plans resume, read on for some of the best travel memoirs to satisfy your wanderlust this summer. And if you're looking for the latest fiction or nonfiction, be sure to check out these 20 hot new books to devour during quarantine.

"Fast into the Night: A Woman, Her Dogs, and Their Journey North on the Iditarod Trail" by Debbie Clarke Moderow

This adventure story published by Red Hen Press takes an intimate look at the legendary Iditarod Trail sled dog race held annually in Alaska. The shares her personal journey, along with highs and lows on and off the trail, sharing the incredible bond between dogs and handlers. All the while, readers will feel immersed in an otherworldly terrain.

"Notes from a Small Island" by Bill Bryson

In part a search for excellent tea and in part a farewell tour following a 20-year residence in England, this travel tale follows Bill Bryson as he journeys through the English countryside. He relies on public transportation and hiking paths as he recounts his favorite haunts and characters.

"From Scratch: A Memoir of Love, Sicily, and Finding 凯发k8地址home" by Tembi Locke

The recounts her relationship with her Sicilian spouse, and in-laws who didn’t approve of her interracial marriage. The couple explores food and love in Los Angeles, followed by the ’s travels through Sicily with her daughter where she finds a seat at her mother-in-law’s table.

"All the Way to the Tigers" by Mary Morris

This personal travel narrative, new for summer 2020, is a story of a woman traveling solo on the road after personal catastrophe. The navigates an experience of growth and connection during a three-year journey in search of an elusive tiger, while also seeking something new within herself.

"Bad Karma: The True Story of a Mexican Surf Trip from Hell" by Paul Wilson

In the summer of 1978, young Paul Wilson heads to Mexico for the ultimate surfing trip. Misfortune follows along, as Wilson learns one of his companions is on the run from the law and the surf trip takes place in the heart of cartel territory.

"Almost French: Love and a New Life in Paris" by Sarah Turnbull

Australian Sarah Turnbull is known for her wit and humor and "Almost French" offers no exception as the details her immersion into French culture. Navigating a new love and a new life abroad, she shares a journey of belonging, curiosity and character-building.

"Comfort Me with Apples: A Journey Through Life, Love and Truffles" by Ruth Reichl

Food writer Ruth Reichl follows the success of her bestseller, "Tender at the Bone," with more stories of food and travel. The takes readers on a tasty and sometimes humorous journey through New York, Los Angeles, China and France.

"That Wild Country: An Epic Journey through the Past, Present, and Future of America's Public Lands" by Mark Kenyon

Outdoors and nature writer Mark Kenyon takes readers along for a journey exploring the history and future of public lands. The travelogue tours readers through wildlife terrain and waterscapes, providing an intimate escape for adventure seekers.

"The Tenth Island: Finding Joy, Beauty, and Unexpected Love in the Azores" by Diana Marcum

Pulitzer Prize-winning Diana Marcum takes readers on a journey to the remote Azorean Islands of the Atlantic Ocean. The travelogue traces a personal crisis alongside California droughts and follows the ’s travels with a group of immigrants returning to the Azores, with the ’s dog in tow.

"Traveling with Pomegranates: A Mother and Daughter Journey to the Sacred Places of Greece, Turkey, and France" by Sue Monk Kidd

The of "The Secret Life of Bees" takes readers along for a mother-daughter journey through Greece, Turkey and France. Each is on a personal journey while also seeking a deeper family bond. Their personal journeys parallel their travels, inviting readers in with an immersive experience.

"The Distance Between" by Mike McIntyre

Wall Street Journal bestselling of "The Kindness of Strangers," Mike McIntyre guides readers on a story of insatiable wanderlust. Too restless to sit in one place, the journeys through Bosnia, Mexico, Saudi Arabia and beyond.

"Wanderlust: A Love Affair with Five Continents" by Elisabeth Eaves

In this expansive journey spanning 15 years of travel and five continents, Elisabeth Eaves shares a journey of discovery, inquisitiveness, and insatiable wanderlust. The travelogue recounts the highs and lows of love, getting lost in unfamiliar terrain and finding one’s own sense of place.

"Paris Letters" by Janice MacLeod

Exhausted and desperate for change, Janice MacLeod pinched pennies until she had enough to cover the most basic of needs before quitting her job and journeying to Europe. Once experiencing her newfound freedom overseas, MacLeod recognizes she will never again be able to return to 12-hour workdays. Her travels lead her to a new way of thinking about money and making a life.

"Where Wine Flows Like Water: A gastronomic pilgrimage across Spain" by John McAneney

Two friends embark on a walking tour focused on food, seeking fine wine and personal peace. The journey shares recipes from travels throughout France and Spain, alongside travel companion camaraderie and humor, all the while debating history and gastronomy.

"The Worrier's Guide to the End of the World: Love, Loss, and Other Catastrophes—through Italy, India, and Beyond" by Torre DeRoche

When the hits rock bottom, her friend ignites an interest in walking it off — around the world. The two travel through Tuscany to sip wine and follow the path of Gandhi in India, while facing lifelong fears and unraveling past pains.

"From Excuses to Excursions: How I Started Traveling the World" by Gloria Atanmo

If you have ever wanted to travel the world but lacked the funds, and perhaps the motivation, this tale will inspire with its personalized account of getting past roadblocks. The shares her early wanderlust and how it morphs into a lifelong passion, detailing how her travel dreams became a reality.

"Freckled: A Memoir of Growing up Wild in Hawaii" by TW Neal

Readers are transported to the island of Kauai where a family lives in opposition of the generation before them. While the island looks like paradise to visitors, TW Neal shares a personal story of place and personality, living under the wild lifestyle of addicted parents who shake off social norms.

"A Fly Girl: Travel Tales of an Exotic British Airways Cabin Crew" by Amanda Epe

Ever wanted to know more about the life of airline crew? Amanda Epe takes readers behind the scenes to explore aviation travel and beyond, through her experiences traveling the world as a woman of color. The result is a moving and candid tale woven with adventurous spirit.

"Honouring High Places: The Mountain Life of Junko Tabei" by Junko Tabei

Junko Tabei was the first woman to climb Mount Everest and the Seven Summits and this travelogue shares a story of personal heights and triumphs. Woven throughout is the ’s experiences as a young girl in the countryside, where she first felt that spark of adventurous curiosity.

"Great Plains" by Ian Frazier

In this national bestseller, New Jersey writer Ian Frazier heads out on a journey through the plains of the American West. The travelogue takes readers to historic sites and trails, exploring wilderness and legendary icons along the way.