Boeing's Everett plant has confirmed five cases of COVID-19. An additional two workers there were tested, but tests came back negative.

The affected employees are in quarantine and are receiving medical care, according to an internal email obtained by SeattlePI.

The Everett plant remained open and operating, Boeing spokesman Bernard Choi said in an email. Due to privacy concerns, the company did not confirm which projects the employees had worked on. The company was contacting employees directly if they determined a direct contact with an infected person was possible

Meanwhile, Boeing has "stepped up" cleaning across all sites, the internal email states, including areas like elevator buttons, door knobs, hand rails and flat surfaces in cafeterias.

"Employees can also help prevent the spread of the virus by being vigilant about their hygiene practices – thoroughly washing their hands often with soap and water; avoiding touching eyes, nose and mouth; limiting face-to-face meetings and gatherings of large groups in conference rooms; and again staying 凯发k8地址home if sick," the email states.

The two employees who received negative tests had been in quarantine as a precaution while tests were administered. They are now allowed to return to work, per the email.


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